MY HAIR CARE ROUTINE | 2021| Tips, tricks, & remedies for damaged hair |

It is up to you and your preference as all the treatments are different and maybe for different hair types. My hair type is naturally straight with little waves as well as the texture is incredibly thick. The reason it looks so healthy is due to the fact that I rarely put heat on my hair. I forgot to mention that in the video but it is something that can damage your hair in the long term. Doing hair masks won’t fix the damage of a heating tool so it is best to occasionally use heat on your hair (this includes hot showers + always rinse with cold water at the end of your shower). I hope you all enjoyed this video!!

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♡Currently, I have been posting weekly uploads every Monday at 12pm PST and I will continue to do so unless I change my schedule. If schoolwork becomes intense I will hold off on streams and youtube uploads until I can get back to my schedule (thanks for being understanding!).

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