wavy/curly hair routine (2B/2C curls)

the highly requested wavy/curly hair routine is finally here! I hope this clears everything up about my wavy / curly hair routine. I included every step I take when I’m doing the absolute most lol. Sometimes I skip plopping, sometimes I don’t diffuse, sometimes I don’t use gel, etc. But this video will show you how I take care of my curls / hair. Also, I strongly believe the application and technique of applying these products can be more important than the product itself. You can get completely different results just from applying something the correct way!! so don’t rush out and buy everything I mentioned in this video, try using your own stuff first 🙂 what is most important for my hair is a leave in conditioner and a curl cream.

– where do I buy my hair products?
I get everything from CosmoProf because my grandma has her beauticians license (you can only shop there if you have a license). I don’t know the best places to buy these products from elsewhere! I would order from the moroccan oil website or amazon (but make sure it’s the real deal if you order from amazon)

– products used:
shampoo: moroccan oil hydrating shampoo
conditioner: moroccan oil hydrating conditioner
wet brush
leave in conditioner: AG fast food leave-in
curl cream: moroccan oil curl defining cream
gel: chi aloe vera curls defined control gel
microfiber towel set from amazon
turbie twist

– other favorite products not included in this routine (but I switch it up frequently)
protein shampoo: alpha keratin virtue recovery shampoo
protein conditioner: alpha keratin virtue recovery conditioner
clarifying shampoo (I use this once a month to remove silicone buildup): kenra clarifying shampoo – deep cleanse
leave in conditioner: chi aloe vera leave-in conditioner
curl cream: moroccan oil intense curl cream

– songs used:
ButeraMoonlight – step up (Ariana Grande lo-fi remix)
ButeraMoonlight- ghostin (Ariana Grande lofi remix)
ChillOwlPiano – thank u, next (lofi piano remix)

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