One Day Personal Body Care Routine to do once a month (Lockdown Special)

One Day Personal Care Routine to do just once a month for body and mind rejuvenation. Especially designed for lockdown.

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This 1 day Ayurvedic routine is what your body needs in a month. In this time of lockdown, most of us have time on our hands. So I couldn’t think of a better time to get you started with this practice. Just how you take your vehicle for servicing, even your body needs that service and care from you. Although, the focus of this age old routine is on body and self love, skin glow, radiance and mental peace are a few of its positive side effects. However, considering our busy lifestyles, I have tried to design this routine in such a way that it can be executed practically in an efficient manner. So just 1 hour on a Sunday morning will get the job done. This routine is for both men and women. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

01:00 – Step 1 – Abhyanga. Abhyanga or self massage is any amazing way to energize your body. Do not miss out on oiling your navel. It has numerous benefits which I have discussed in the video. Foot massage is also very important and is linked to your eye health
02:52 – Step 2 – This includes special age old Ayurvedic packs to nourish the face and hair.
04:30 – Step 3 – This step includes feet cleansing, elbow cleansing, neck cleansing and more. This includes the cleansing at a physical level but has a deep connection at the subtle levels.
05:56 – Step 4 – Bathing. We won’t be using soap here.
06:27 – Step 5 – Nourishing the brain. It is called Naasya kriya. It has some amazing positive effects on the brain.
06:56 – Step 6 – Eye cleansing. In today’s modern lifestyle most of us sit in front of screens all the time. Eye cleansing is extremely important for us. Checkout the simplest yet the most effective way to cleanse the eyes.

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I wish you good health.
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