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1. Cleanse and moisturize
2.Eat Right – include collagen supplement in your diet.
What is Collagen?
Collagen is a protein in our body that acts like a glue to hold our cells together.
Collagen helps in strengthening skin, plus benefits elasticity and hydration of the skin.
Collagen production decreases by 1% every year after the age of 20
To delay the aging process, it’s very important that you have the consumption of collagen. So you have to include collagen in your diet.This is one of the most important steps which you have to follow if you want to deal with the wrinkles, loose skin & aging as prevention is always better than cure.
What I take &Recommend ?
As collagen is usually animal derived & hard to digest, most of the collagen supplements which we get in the market are animal based and made with chemicals which leads to issues like digestive side effects such as feelings of fullness and heartburn.
I use OZiva’s Plant Collagen Builder. OZiva Collagen Builder is India’s first vegetarian, Plant collagen booster for Anti-Aging which people can start taking since the age of 20
It helps you to boost the collagen production in your own body in a natural way.
It’s a delicious & convenient way to delay skin aging & wrinkles naturally. It helps improve skin elasticity, supports healthy, nourished skin and full body radiance
It is a blend of Exotic Ingredients such as Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn, Sesbania Agati, Bamboo Shoot, etc.
Collagen Builder contains 8 Anti-Aging, 10 Pro Collagen Superfoods and 3 Standardized Wholefood Vitamin Extracts that stimulate collagen synthesis.
How to use it?
You can consume Collagen Builder anytime in a day or before going to bed by adding 2 scoops in 200 ml water (you can consume it either in room temperature water or warm water)
4. Keep yourself Hyderabad

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