My simple drugstore hair care routine + tips for long healthy hair

If you’re broke this is the video for you. In this video I show you the products that are in my opinion the best drugstore products for hair, my secret to fighting anxiety induced hair loss (at the end) and also some tips that I use to keep my hair healthy and long even without access to expensive hair care treatments.

I once spent 5 years straight without a haircut, using ONLY shampoo and conditioner and the damage was next to none, in fact, up until I was 17 years old I only used shampoo and conditioner, no detanglers, no serums. So I believe my tips actually work, hopefully for everyone.

I’m going to cut my bangs at home and dye my hair for the first time ever on my next video, so I wanted to get this video out there while I still look credible
I’ll probably mess up. But I gotta do what I gotta do.
P.s. Sorry if I sound weird. I’m very weird so that’s why.
I’m planning on posting other videos unrelated to hair on this channel, I’ll talk about that on my next video ?

-Herbal essences shampoo and conditioner (I’m not choosy, any one is fine)
-Garnier whole blends (Any type)
-Pantene hair mask (My favorite):
the one in the video is the repair and protect one but the one I linked is my ultimate favorite, the impact is huge.
I couldn’t find a link for that one in the us but I’ll keep looking and add it here if I find it
-Ultimate*** blends heat protectant (The smell is a bit strong at first but it dies down quickly):

-Batiste dry shampoo:

-Avon serums:
I’ve had these for years, I use them maybe once a month or less, but if you like using serums, I think these are good for adding shine.

Daily shine (this was my favorite):


My blow dryer:
(not exactly the same that I have because I can’t find it anywhere rip)

make sure to use extra virgin olive oil.
Hope my tips are helpful!

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