WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CELLULITE: get rid of cellulite before and after (permanently)

What you need to know about cellulite: get rid of cellulite before and after (naturally!) ?

How to get rid of cellulite? Have you ever wondered..? I bet you did! In this video I would like to share a few facts about cellulite removal I learnt on my journey to lean, slim, fat free legs!

Cellulite is… natural! Cellulite is normal. Cellulite is not a reason to be ashamed of your body! I would like you to understand a few things about cellulite and I would like you to look at your body differently than you do at the moment…

Time stamps:
00:00 intro ✨
00:43 can you reduce cellulite? ✨
02:05 bad image of cellulite ✨
02:38 my approach to cellulite ✨
04:06 my before/after photos ✨
04:33 important reminder ✨
04:56 cellulite basics/genetics ✨
06:33 what’s cellulite? ✨
07:05 things you must remember! ✨
07:27 move a lot during the day ✨
08:41 include cardio ✨
09:37 resistant training ✨
10:02 proper diet ✨
11:17 proper clothes ✨
12:35 why my cellulite got worse? ✨
13:35 final thoughts on cellulite ✨


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