How I Cleared My Skin: Hormonal Acne Journey + Skincare Routine | Just Archived

Wagwan guys! Today, I’m sharing my skincare journey with you and opening up about how I went from hormonal acne with dark marks and hyperpigmentation to clear skin.

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Products mentioned:

⇢ Zinc Picolinate (22mg)
⇢Vitamin B-5 (500mg)
⇢ Vitimin E (200iu)
⇢ More information about each vitimin and their benefits

-⇢Cetaphil gentle oily skin cleanser
⇢ Paula’s Choice BHA 2% exfoliant
⇢ Rosewater
⇢ Dermoligica age bright clearing serum
⇢ CeraVe moisturising lotion
⇢ Supergoop unseen sunscreen


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