Best daily face massage routine to reduce wrinkles! Just 30 seconds a day.

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No more wrinkles! Learn the 30 second daily routine to reduce the reverse the appearance of wrinkles and give yourself a mini natural facelift! In this 2 minute facelift yoga, “better than botox” series. Stay tuned for the rest of the 2 minute facelift yoga series:
1. De-puff your face with lymphatic drainage
2. Connective tissue release to reduce the effect of wrinkles and lines
3. Facial massage for lifted cheekbones, eyes and jawline
4. Mini eye lift

FAQ & Instructions for working with the Facelift Yoga series:
1. Do I practice this on dry skin?
No. Make sure your fingers and face are both damp prior to putting some oil or cream on. Use as simple, pure and natural products as possible, ideally organic.
2. How often do I practice this exercise for maximum results?
Each time you cleanse/wash your face, you can practice the Daily Routine exercise.
2. Use Intention & Imagination
You know how it is when you have a meal that has been cooked with love, it just tastes different. Well the same goes for when you touch your skin: imagine you are anointing yourself. Fill those fingertips with the light of the sun and feel how they dissolve the tension, the worry, the stress out of your body and fill it with love, joy, peace.

This series brings together over 15 years of expertise drawing on pro tips and tricks that work to give you that radiant glow, from the inside out.

Claudia created and ran an award winning, 5 star, luxury spa and yoga studio, Serendip Spa and has been a yoga teacher for over 15 years, is trained in Shiatsu, Western medical herbalism & nutrition, Ayurveda, and is a certified Saphire dream and imagery expert in New York, providing trainings, workshops and one to one sessions Worldwide. In addition, she has developed a protocol for Facelift Yoga. She teaches classes on nutrition and fermenting to boost the immune system with this life changing simple step

Claudia has a private practice and is passionate about sharing wisdom to provide inner health and balance, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


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