Shower and Hygiene Routine- Acne Prone Skin, Teeth Whitening

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Hey guys! In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my shower routine/ hygiene routine. I will show you how I whiten my teeth, the face wash, body wash I use that is great for acne prone skin and how I exfoliate and moisturize! I hope you guys enjoy today’s video and give me a huge thumbs up if you do! Thanks! Comment “everything will be ok” in the comment section if you are reading this!

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2. Digi Curtain- Use code MHampton for 20% off
3. Tea Tree Body Wash-
4. Japanese Wash Cloth-
5. Demologica Clearing Skin Wash-
6. Shea Butter-

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Thanks for watching How to get rid of dry skin! Literally RUB all the DEAD SKIN off your FACE!

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