Thyroid with hair care, തൈറോയിഡും മുടി സംരക്ഷണവും|food|hair care tips|.

hai friends,
Today we gave some information to maintain good thyroid level and maintain your hair health. you can improve health day by day and maintain good hair also. do it at least 120 days Then get good result.

The first thing avoide this kind of foods
Refined products like sugar, salt, oils
bun, biscut, bread, soya products, packet milk, seedless fruits, millets, cereal, late sleep, soft drinks

high carbohydrate content foods- potato, tapioca, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli etc…

Then take this kind of foods
selenium and iodine contained foods
Tender coconut or coconut water daily on empty stomach
add coconut in your dishes
eat two spoon black sesame seeds after food
eat small onion 3 number or big onion two small slice with meals (raw)
sleep well at least 7 hours
drink 12 to 15 glass water
eat small fish or cow milk or egg from home
eat more fruits.
do sunbath
do exercise walking 30 to 45 minutes
feel body pain apply sesame oil entire body and shower get relief

Use soaked fenugreek water or sesame seed water for hair care
use sesame black cumin seed pack

follows this at least 4month for better result. fell energetic, get healthy hair, get good sleep then you can reduce dosage of medication with your doctor support.

i hope this video was helpful. we can see in the next video.
roopa sarath babu
tata bye bye see you.


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