Anti-Cellulite Total Body Workout

This Anti-Cellulite Total Body Workout will attack cellulite and fat tissue as well as strengthen all the muscles in your body. You will need a set of heavier weights and a set of medium size weights to complete this routine; my kettle bells are 20 pounds and 15 pounds. There are 7 strength training exercises followed by 3 high intensity cardio intervals for the total of 3 sets.
Here is the breakdown:
1.) Swings, 15 reps
2.) Chest press, 12 reps
3.) Goblet squats, 15 reps
4.) Bent-over rows, 12 reps
5.) Back and forth lunges, 10 on each leg
6.) Suitcase deadlifts
7.) Sit-up and over head press
8.) 90 sec of cardio: burpees, jumping jacks and jump squats


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