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Did you know your baby’s skin needs 5 times more care than yours? But if you follow these baby care tips, you won’t have to worry about it.
I was so scared of doing something that would hurt her beautiful, delicate skin. Thankfully I had a great support system, my mom and even my doctor had amazing tips and tricks to share that helped me take care of my baby’s skin. And today, I’m going to pass all that information on to you! So, here are my top baby care tips for your baby’s skin.

Tip 1 Stay Away From The Sun

I love being in the sun but did you know UV rays can cause quite a lot of damage to an adults skin. Imagine how much worse it is for a baby. Your baby’s skin takes close to a year to thicken out. That’s why their thin skin needs to be protected from the sun as much as possible.My doctor advised me to keep my baby away from direct sunlight for the first 6 months. I shifted my walk time to early mornings and evenings.

Tip 2 Keep It Moisturized

Here’s a baby care tips that you may not know. Your baby’s skin dries out twice as fast as an adults skin. That makes moisturizing one of the most important tips I can give you! Thankfully something as simple as a regular massage with a great oil will ensure your baby’s skin won’t dry out. When picking an oil make sure you get one that is specifically designed for babies. I use Neemli’s Sweet Almond And Apricot Baby Oil.

Neemli’s Sweet Almond And Apricot Baby Oil

Tip 3 Don’t Over Bathe

This is something I see quite often with new mothers. They are over eager to keep their baby and end up doing too much. Ideally two to three baths a week is more than enough for your baby.

Till the umbilical cord stump falls off, you can give your baby sponge baths. Focus on cleaning areas like their neck, armpits, genitals, knees and toes. Basically any area with skin creases/folds.

After the umbilical cord stump has fallen off. You can use a baby bath tub. Only fill it with roughly 2 to 3 inches of warm water. Use a mild baby soap and shampoo.

Tip 4 Change Their Diapers Often

The best way to treat a diaper rash is to prevent it! Make sure you change your baby’s diapers as much as possible. If your baby stays in a soiled diaper for long, they’re likely to develop diaper rashes.

Tip 5 Watch Out For Baby Drool

Another one of my top baby care tips. Teething babies tend to drool quite a lot. And, even when they’re being fed, baby’s can drool over themselves. This is bad because the enzymes present in their saliva can irritate their skin. And if the saliva dries up on their skin it adds to the problem. To prevent this, I used to use a little petroleum jelly just around my kids mouth right before a feed. I would then wipe it off with a damp towel afterwards.

Tip 6 Baby Powder

Lots of mothers have used baby powder over the years to help remove moisture especially around the diaper area. But I’m sure you would have heard all the recent controversy regarding baby powder. It has been suggested that talc based powders can cause respiratory issues for babies. But should you avoid it? I would advise checking with your doctor before using a baby powder. There are a lot of good talc free powders available in the market. And, you can always opt for more natural options like baking soda or oat flour.

Tip 7 Detergents

And finally, mommys make sure that you are using a mild baby friendly detergent to wash everything that your baby’s skin comes in contact with. Regular detergents could cause irritations and rashes. As always consult your doctor about what works best for you.


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