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I have always been asked in person, dms on insta about my skincare secrets.
How I have such clean, clear and smooth skin and what do I do to smoothen out the ageing wrinkles.
One of my skincare secret is this DIY Rice Cream, which I use as night cream and day cream too when I am not going out anywhere.

Ingredients required to make this cream are :
1. Rice (any variant but indigenous and sticky variant preferable like kolam, ambemohar, Indrayani etc)
2. Sweet almond oil
3. Vitamin E capsule ( I could not add these in the video as they were not available to me in lockdown)
4. Aloe Vera gel
5. Tea tree oil (optional if you have acne issues)
6. Kumkumadi oil (optional for fairness and blemish reduction, also as vitamin E was not available)

Ps : If you could procure red Balinese/korean rice , it would be more effective with awesome fragrance. In indian variant, prefer original indrayani rice, it has lots of collagen and fragrance.

I use this cream alternate day, and have other skincare diy cream for soft smooth nourished skin(recipe of which will be sharing it with you soon). You will see the effect in usage of 7 consecutive days.
Do try it out and let me know how was your experience.

Also you can drop in your queries, suggestions in comment box or mail me at alltheragepb@gmail.com

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