सर्दी में त्वचा का ख्याल कैसे रखे। आसान tips | Easy Winter Skin Care tips | Hindi

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Skin tends to get very dry and flaky during winters. Dry skin is the most common cause for itching as well.
In winters, dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis , ichtyosis tend to worsen. It is important to know the do;’s and don’t’s in winter in order to keep your skin hydrated
1. Use luke warm water. Do not bathe with very hot water.
Try to use luke warm water for bathing. Especially if you use a shower. Hot water tends to strip the skin off its moisture. Thereby making it more dry.
If you use bucket water for bathing, you can add 4-5 tablespoon of coconut oil in the water and use it for bathing. This will form a layer on your skin and will not dry it out. You could keep your showers short i.e under 2 mins.
2. Use glycerine soaps and use soap only 1 -2 times a week. Do not use soap daily. Soap can be used only in areas such as armpits and genital area daily. Over your hands and legs and back, which are most prone to dryness, soap need not be applied daily. No matter how mild a soap is, it will strip the skin off oils. Do not use antiseptic soaps. Use mild, gentle glycerine soaps for bathing.
3. Dab water off gently. Refrain from using thick towels and rubbing them vigorously over your skin.
4. Moisturise your skin immediately after bath. When the skin is still moist apply a liberal amount of moisturiser on your whole body. This will help in locking the moisturise. Moisturise once before sleeping as well. If you sleep with heaters on then the chances of drying the skin out is higher.
5. Wear cotton clothing underneath your woollen attire. Wool tends to irritate the skin and cause more itching. Make sure that you wear a thin layer of cotton before
6. Sunscreen is a must even in winters. You may want to switch over to a cream formulation of sunscreen which can be more hydrating.
These are very simple tips to keep your skin smooth and supple in winters.

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