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Iknoor Somal shows easy skin moisturizing tips useful in dry skin care by following simple face and body care routine as part of her regular routine. Follow simple normal to dry skin care tips to maintain and moisturize skin. To take care of our body is as equally important as our face, so this video will show you how to maintain your Dry Skin to Normal Type skin into smooth, soft and glowing skin at home with these easy tips. See how to get glowing and even baby soft skin by following simple steps to a good routine.

A great routine for face and body for normal skin to dry skin care should always be accompanied by a good diet.

Also Remember, Your Skin is What You feed it!

The optional steps use coconut oil to moisturize dry skin and honey mixed with orange peel powder in a DIY face mask for glowing skin. People who are prone to breakouts and acne can avoid these steps, but those who feel more dryness than others can try the optional steps.

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1) Please use a large-sized towel to avoid dirtying the sheets.
2) Thoroughly cleanse and rinse before starting this routine. (Have a Face wash & Bath first)
3) Please do a patch skin test before using the face mask as some skin types tend to react to even honey.

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