Men's Body Care Tips – How Much Cologne Should Men Apply?

Grooming Lounge founder discusses the key tip to applying cologne for men – Less Is More. He also discusses where the cologne should be applied. Cologne should be applied top to bottom and on the pulse points, which distribute it throughout the rest of your body.

Fragrance Guide:


Men’s fragrance is seasonal so be sure to go with a lighter fragrance is the summer/spring and a darker more woody in the fall/winter.

Colognes have different concentrations:

• Eau de Parfum (EdP): 10-20% (typical 15%)
• Eau de Toilette (EdT): 5-15% (typical 10%)
• Eau de Cologne (EdC): 3-8% (typical 5%)
• Splash and after shave: 1-3%
Higher concentrations (Parfum, Toilette) are usually worn by women, while men wear lower ones (Cologne).

Fragrances are known to have three sets of notes – Top, Middle and Base. These notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression of the Top Note leading to the deeper Middle Notes and the Base Notes gradually appearing as the legacy of the scent. Base notes take about 30 minutes to be noticed, so be sure to take your time when picking a fragrance!


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