Butt & Hamstring Home Workout (Cellulite Killer) ft. Melissa Alcantara @Fitgurlmel

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Melissa Alcantara a.ka. @Fitgurlmel

Bio: Melissa is an inspirational spokesperson celebrity trainer, bodybuilding champion, and fitness and lifestyle coach.


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You DON’T need a gym to get an amazing leg workout geared toward developing your butt and hamstrings aka a workout that blasts away cellulite and all the extra chunk we tend to carry around in that area right below the butt.

Let me tell you that this workout is absolute FIRE! In addition to a nutrition based approach to your diet (check out my website), I recommend doing this entire workout at least once a week. This is also an AMAZING workout for those days you absolutely cannot make it to the gym but GOALS ARE LIFE and you are on a mission.

Let me know how you like it by dropping a comment and get that booty on fire ASAP.

Here’s the FULL WORKOUT:

1) Dumbbell hamstring curls on “bench”: 4 (sets) x 15 – 20 (reps) (found at minute 1:00)
2) Stiff leg deadlifts with dumbbells: 4 x 20 (found at minute 4:00)
3) Hip thrusts with dumbbells: 4 x 12 – 20 (found at minute 6:30)
4) Hip ups: 4 x 20 (found at minute 9:00)
5) Kickbacks: 4 x 30 each leg (found at minute 11:05)
6) Glute-ham raises: 4 x 10 – 15 (found at minute 14:05)

Hope you enjoy it!


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