Dry Skin in all seasons: Causes & its management – Dr. Arti Priya R

Dry skin is a condition that we face irrespective of whatever the climate is. Even from a small baby to an old person. Everyone has dry skin at some point of time, our skin naturally has a natural moisturizing factor that keeps the skin soft and supple, so when this goes off because of a climatic change or the after you use or a daily habits, if you have diabetes or you are taking some drugs, if this natural stimulating factor is deranged that is when younger skin becomes very dry, there are various causes why your skin becomes very dry. The very first being the climate, very dry and cold climate use of very harsh and cold water, frequently taking bath with harsh soaps, vigorously running your skin you try to dry and if you gave diabetes, thyroid or if you have some drugs like statins, when these cardiac people are given statins, it indirectly reduces the lipid content of your skin also and it becomes more dry, various hereditary conditions like ichthyosis or atopic dermatitis can also make your skin go very dry. So if you are on treatment for retinoids for acne or if you are going to undergo any procedure of laser resurfacing then you can face this problem of your skin going very dry. There are certain dos and don’ts for maintaining a very normal and supple skin. Few dos are always take bath in lukewarm water, never very hot showers and let your showers be very brief. Every time you take bath, just mop our skin, don’t rub with a towel and don’t vigorously rub to remove all the water. The soap go for a mild cleanser, and bath oils available that you can use as soaps . Always moisturise your skin immediately after you take bath. When there is a little bit of moisture. There are various moisturisers. You need to use a separate face wash for your face , you will end up having a lot of pimples because it create an occlusive effect if you use such strong moisturisers on your face. If you don’t have a moisturiser, even the normal virgin coconut oil can be used but the important point is that has to be used immediately after you take bath and repeat it twice if you have very dry skin or once if you have normal skin, especially when the climate is very cold. General measures is don’t sit under the air conditioner or heater for a very long time that can make your skin go very dry an when you go out in the sun, we are protective clothing, take an umbrella, use a sunscreen. All these measures will help in a long way in preventing dry skin.

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