Proper ✅ Winter Skincare Routine for Fungal Acne Prone ( Bumpy and itchy ) skin

In this video, I am sharing the fungal acne safe products that you all can use in your winter skincare routine. These products will help in getting rid of the tiny bumps on the skin that are often confused with acne or whiteheads or pimples. So, if you are dealing with bumpy skin, this video will help you out. I have included products for dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin that are prone to getting Fungal acne in different seasons. Have you tried the Nizoral Shampoo? Will share if it can be used on the face to get clear skin.

I will also be sharing tips to reduce fungal acne, what ingredients you need to avoid, and what skincare routine you should be using. Do share the video with your friends and family members who in the case are dealing with fungal acne.

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0:00 Start
0:42 Ingredients to avoid
03:14 Makeup Remover (Fungal acne-safe)
04:07 Gel Cleanser (Fungal acne safe)
05:25 Toners (Fungal acne safe)
06:56 Treatments for Fungal Acne.
11:18 Moisturisers (Fungal acne safe)
13:40 Sunscreen (Fungal acne safe)


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I am not a dermatologist or a licensed aesthetician, but I do have sufficient experience and knowledge which I gained by testing multiple products and by self-exploration. With this said, I also want to mention that what works on me, might not work the same way on you 🙂

Thank you for watching the video!


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