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SKIN CARE TIPS- treating dry skin

I am a laser and procedural dermatologist, however skin care forms an integral part of skin rejuvenation and skin health. This topic is basic general dermatology, however the importance of skin hydration cannot be over looked, especially post chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Skin hydration can decrease wrinkles, fine lines and improve skin texture. We loose skin thickness and oil glands as we age, and this accounts for dry skin or xerosis. Dry skin can also be due to medical causes such as atopic eczema, drugs, and genetic causes. This topic goes beyond the scope of this video. Here are some helpful hints to treat dry skin-

Grease for peace. Use a bland fragrance free moisturiser of your choice at least twice a day. The best time to use a moisturiser is straight after a bath or shower.
Keep showers quick and tepid, no longer than 3 minutes. Use a soap subitute.
If possible have an oil bath twice a week. Olive oil is a cheap but effective method of treating super dry skin
Wet wraps- old trick for patient who have super dry skin –especially atopic eczema
Remember your lips- lots of chapstick, or simple Vaseline. My favourite all time flexible cream is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream. Cheap, simple, effective and versatile. I have done a video on this
Washing. Remember to avoid chemicals such as softeners and conditioners for your clothes. Use liquid wash, and above all put your washing machine in the double rinse cycle. Yes, I do my own laundry!
Drink plenty of water and review your diet. Intake of certain foods can increase natural oil production. This however play a small but important role in some cases of dry skin.
Hints for dry hands – use Neutrogena hand cream 4-5 times a day, remember to use it just before sleeping at night.
Hints for dry eyes- use Ircal or LacriLube eye ointment on your eyelids. This product is medical grade, and made by Allergan the maker of Botox. This eye cream is a well kept dermatologist favourite- its light enough to wear as an ointment before sleeping, and the cost is only $10-$15. IMO bet eye cream.
Facial masks are a form of wet wrapping. As part of the Korean Skin Care craze, they actually do work. Treat yourself to a Hyaluronic Acid mask weekly-
Cost is only $3- $6 dollars. Super affordable and they actually do work.

I do not advice nor endorse any products, just suggest as above. These videos are done to help educate patients, but most importantly assist me in explaining skin care to my post-operative laser patients. If I have to go into so much detail 12 times a day, it would be so repetitively boring- hence these videos cover all aspects of skin care- from Vitamin A, retinoids, ABC’s of skin care, sunscreens and more. They are a resource for my post procedure patients and shared to all those who want to learn about proper skin care, without endorsements. Thank you to my team of nurses and dermal therapist who assist me in further explaining post operative laser skin care on a daily basis.

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Dr Davin Lim, Laser & Aesthetic dermatologist


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