Glass Skincare Routine – Final Part 3 – Night Time Treatments for achieving glass skin step by step

Hey Guys!! Today I am sharing the Part-3 and final part of my glass skin routine series. I hope I have answered many of your doubts in this video regaring salicylic gel, tretinoin and other creams.

Guys still you have any doubt please comment below your queries i’ll try to answer them and help you out.

Products mentioned in the video:
1. Zitcare- S – Salicylic Acid Gel – 1% w/w
You will easily get at ur nearby chemist store. if they dont have ask them to order one for you.

2. All other creams such as melaglow, biluma, kojivit etc. u’ll get at your nearest chemist store.

3. Peecure Fairness Cream

You are lucky if you get this. Mostly its out of stock.
Similarly Honest Choice Serum which i shared in previous video is available rarely, mostly its out of stock.

You can check if its available now.

But both are excellent products. Do try them.


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