5 Ways to Boost Your Skincare Routine for Soft Bouncy Skin + Dehydrated Skin Tips!

For the ones feeling dry and dehydrated skin fam, it’s your time to shine bright like a (moist) diamond! Thank you to Neogen for sponsoring a portion of this video, where Ro returns to share with you her updated tips on combating dehydrated skin for achieving ultimate plump and much needed hydration! ?She’ll be going through 5 of her tried and tested skin boosting tips (including exfoliating!), and even share some of her go-to products for each step of your routine. This means when you realize all moisture has evaporated from your face like a shriveled prune, you’ll know what to do! ✨

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0:00 Intro
1:41 Routine Step: Gentle Cleanser
2:51 Routine Step: Hydrating Toner
4:04 Routine Step: Rich Moisturizer
5:20 Routine Step: Nourishing Facial Oils
6:40 Routine Steps: Protective Sunscreen
7:41 Skin Hydration & Boosting Tip 1 : “Chemical Exfoliation”
11:37 Skin Hydration & Boosting Tip 2: “Clay Mask Combo”
16:01 Skin Hydration & Boosting Tip 3: “Layers of Damp Skin”
16:59 Skin Hydration & Boosting Tip 4: “7 Skin Trend”
18:29 Skin Hydration & Boosting Tip 5: “You Don’t Need To Wash Your Face In The Mornings”
19:39 Bonus Skin Hydration & Boosting Tips: “Don’t Forget The Delicate Areas of Your Face”
21:06: Outro


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