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OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder –

Skin needs two types of protein collagen and elastin which would help in restoring the skin’s youth and elasticity and reduce pores permanently. These can be produced by the body using vitamin C and other ingredients which can boost its own production. But as a matter of fact, after 20, the collagen production in our body starts decreasing which makes it quite difficult for us to maintain the elasticity of our skin

Those tiny dots on the surface of your skin are the openings of hair follicles are the best escape route for body toxins. Excess dirt clogs the pores which the prime causes for breakouts. The result of dirt settling into large pores and makes the skin bumpier, especially makes it easy to spot on the skin. And as skin ages, sebaceous gland, cell renewal activity, and collagen and elastin production decrease, thereby increasing the appearance of visible pores. Another aspect of ageing is loss of the skin’s elasticity and as the skin becomes slacker, pores appear larger.

The best and natural way to deal with this OZiva’s Plant-Based Collagen Builder which helps to increase the production of collagen in the body without using any animal fats.

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