Next Level Skincare for Your Body | A Body Care Routine for People Who DFA

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Sunday, May 3, 2020
10:30 AM 11:30 AM

Our Pop-Up Skin Clinic session “Below the Neck” was by far the most well received and popular session from our 14 day series that took place March 29th through April 11th. We receive daily comments from skin clinic devotees letting us know how much their body skin has improved, such as:

“Wow! I used all the body products you recommended and my body skin has never felt like this. It’s like butter!”

“Below the Neck was my favorite session by far! Watching that skin slough off Ashley’s arms during the live demo was incredible. I immediately bought the products, and within just a couple uses, my body skin transformed into the best it has looked years. Thank you DFA Club for taking the time to do this.”

“Skin Clinic is the highlight of my day and I love getting to rewatch all the videos on YouTube. The body care products are especially a gamechanger!”

“I used all the products you recommended for Below the Neck at the start of quarantine. Within just a few applications, the bumps on my arms and legs were completely gone. OMG.”

“Thank you so much beautiful ladies for organizing this and spending your time with all of us! This was exactly what I needed especially learning about below the neck!”

In today’s session we will reunite with our Skin Clinic friends + family and revisit DFA Club’s recommended approach for body care. Learn how to glow from head to toe with the right products to take your body care routine to the next level.

See a live demonstration of how fast you can transform your skin from dull and dry to supple and glowy. It is a common struggle to maintain that youthful, baby skin texture all over until now. Say good-bye to dry, flaky or crepey skin, chicken skin, uneven skin tone, and premature aging from the neck down.

Products Featured:
• Epsom Salt Bath Soak:
• Exfoliating Mits:
• KP Duty Body Scrub:
• Glycolic Resurfacing Pads:
• Mineral Enzyme Body Peel:
• Skin Revealing Body Lotion:
• Transforming Body Lotion:
• Non-Greasy SPF 50 for Body & Face:
• Dry Brush Starter Kit:

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The Pop-Up Skin Clinic was designed to achieve a flawless, dewy glow from head to toe so you can walk out of quarantine with the skin of your dreams. Sessions are complimentary for members + family + friends. Join the live session by visiting


About the DFA Club™
The DFA Club™ is a mastermind group of elite women & men who strive to kill it in all aspects of life including career, family, health, wealth, relationships, beauty and fashion. To be “DFA” simply means that you don’t f*ck around with the standards you set for yourself and it shows in how you carry yourself and the life you lead. You infuse enthusiasm into everything you do and strive for continuous self-improvement in the areas that matter most to you without cutting corners.

Founded in 2012, DFA Club™ provides a wealth of no-nonsense tools, resources and forums to glean insights and inspiration for living at the top of your game regardless of what circumstance life might throw your way. While we are no longer accepting new members for 2020, new membership applications will be available in Fall if you’re interested in joining DFA Club™ in 2021. Check back in September for further details and application instructions.


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