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Question Timestamps:
1:26 What is your advice for helping a couch potato begin a healthy lifestyle? What can I do to encourage my husband to workout? He refuses every time.
3:32 Hey Brad, will you be writing another book?
5:23 Do I really need to count my calories?
7:09 What’s your skin care regimen?
9:15 What is the best workout for cellulite?
10:18 What do you think about fat burners for the extra help on losing body fat?
11:58 How long do you normally workout for? What are some of you go to carbs after a workout?
13:04 How have you managed to stay away from MLMs? I’m always getting messages from them.
13:27 What supplements should I take if I work construction for 10 hours a day?
15:03 Thoughts on HALO ice cream? Seems to be the new healthy ice cream.
15:57 Any tips for dealing with an injury mentally? I have a stress fracture and have been out for 3 months.
17:20 What is the best thing to do when you’ve plateaued?
19:33 Are you currently invested in a fitness coach? Why or why not?
21:04 Hey Brad, is it better to train HIIT in a warm room or in a cold room with air conditioning?

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Skin Care Regimen | Best Workout For Cellulite #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 076 | LiveLeanTV

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