How to grow kids hair faster & longer | Kids hair care tips | Baby hair care tips Bangla

How to grow kids hair faster & longer | Kids hair care tips | Baby hair care tips Bangla

Hello friends,
Welcome to my channel Roopkatha. In this video, I shared my baby’s daily summer hair care routine.
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The products I used:
urban Botanics sweet almond oil:
urban Botanics cold-pressed olive oil:

morpheme remedies cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil:
Morpheme Remedies Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil:
morpheme remedies organic neem cold-pressed oil:

Rey naturals cold-pressed castor oil:
Anveshan Wood Pressed Coconut Oil: https:

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সিজেন চেঞ্জের সময় এই ঘরোয়া টোটকাটি ভীষণ উপকারী:

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পরিবারকে রোগ জীবাণুর থেকে বাঁচাতে আমি কিভাবে hygiene maintain করি:

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