5 Skin care tips to manage Oily Skin – Dr Rajdeep Mysore | Doctors' Circle

Our skin has oil glands known as sebaceous glands. These glands are present throughout the body but there are certain areas of the body like the head and neck, the scalp, the upper part of the chest, upper part of the back and the upper part of the back and the private areas in men and women. So sebaceous glands produce more oil in these areas making the face chest, upper back , private areas etc more oily and the other areas like hands and neck more dry. So what makes some peoples skin more oily and some peoples skin more dry. Oil gland over activity is related to male hormones. These who have higher levels of males hormones or those whose oil glands are more sensitive to male hormones, usually have more oily skin. Usually most of the men have more oily skin. Most of the women have oiliness only in the T zone. T zone is top of the forehead and nose and the chin areas. So how to control oily skin? First and most basic thing is washing your face 2 to 3 times a day. Washing it more than that might also irritate the skin. Second is what type of cleanser you use. You get oil control cleaners and you get it in so many companies over the counter or you can ask the dermatologist to suggest an oil control cleanser. Third is deep cleansers, weekly once or weekly twice those who have very oily skin can use deep skin cleansers. Some face packs can also act as deep skin cleanser. So you can also use a face pack. Third is when people have too much oil coming inspite of all this things, they just touch their face and they find oiliness. There are a group of medicines called as retinoids which reduce the oil secretion. Most commonly we give a tablet called as isotretinoin. Isotretinoin should be prescribed by a registered dermatologists after checking the patients liver and cholesterol and other things and it cannot be prescribed in those who are longing to have a child. Because e it can cause serious defects to the child. Other options to control oil in a dermatologists clinic would be laser toning, that is low energy laser that is done every 15 days. 6 to 8 session would be needed or another procedure would be needed called as chemical peel where certain chemicals are applied don’t skin which remove oil from oil glands. These can be done every 33 weeks and have very long lasting results.


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