How To Get Rid Of CELLULITE On Thighs And Bum In 3 Months

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite on thighs and bum Fast? Watch this video and follow the steps to reduce cellulite fast from home!

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1. Diet
A balanced diet that fights inflammation and provides you with healthy nutrients will help you with the buttle. Dich all the sugar! Sugar makes you fat, unhealthy and damages your skin. Indeed, sugar is the number one cause of cellulite today. Dairy products are inflammatory and will make your cellulite worse as well.
Stop with dairy and you will see your inflammation go away. Many green leafy veggies to detox your body and fights free radicals as well as berries. Eat healthy fats such as avocado, olives, nuts and seeds and fish (be aware of the mercury). Another thing you have to sacrifice is processed foods. That means no bacon. no sausage, no chips … Everything you find a long list of ingredients in, stop eating this food. Replace all the simple carbs with complex ones (going low on carbs is better anyway). I know it is a lot to handle, but do you want to get rid of your cellulite or not?

2. Hormonal Imbalance
There are a few things you have to take care of to put your balance in line. The first and most important is diet. Try to stay away from food that increases your Estrogen levels. Estrogen breaks down collagen and contributes to your fat production. The second hormone to be aware of is Leptin.

Learn here about leptin and how you can lose weight fixing it.

Insulin is very important as well. Low carb (or at least complex carbs) diet will help you with that.

Consume foods that increase collagen (like bone broth) or take collagen supplements. It helps a lot!
Stay on top of your Stress Hormones like Adrenalin and Cortisol. You can control them by working out, sleeping well and managing your stress levels.

3. Get Rid Of The Fluids
One common mistake I heard women do: They think drinking water cause fluid retention! The opposite is true: drinking water will help flush toxins out and nourish the skin with moisture as well as support healthy and effortless weight loss.

Get rid of excess fluids by eating hormone balancing diet we mentioned earlier in combination with external treatments such as cupping, deep massage, and dry brushing.

Learn how to cup your cellulite away here

4. Work out
If you want to get results fast you have to work it girl. No excuses! No laziness! The right exercising routine will make a difference in your cellulite appearance.
One time a week you have to do long aerobic training (run, walk or else) Be sure to do it every week at least for 45 minutes run or 60 minutes fast walk. One time a week do a HIIT Training. 3 Times a week you have to do resistance training to pump your muscles.
Don’t be afraid to lift heavy, it is very hard for us women to get bulky.

5. Treat It
Cupping, dry brushing, scrubbing and wrapping, all needed to improve your cellulite.
The Routine that works for me is Dry brushing 5 minutes before every shower, then using coffee scrub in the shower. After my shower, I like to perform cupping therapy every other day. For more noticeable and fast results you can use this anti-cellulite oil. If you have time make one of the wraps and sleep with it ones/twice a week. Another great anti-cellulite remedy is Retin A. Use it every night on the affected areas and sleep with it.

My Coffee Scrub Recipe Is Here

Combine all the steps together and don’t skip a thin
Can’t wait to see your results…..

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3 At-Home Cellulite Treatments


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