morning routine – skin over 40

this is what I’ve been doing in the am over the past few months, and my skin has been pretty happy 😉

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What works for me may not work for you and vice-versa, and that’s only being human and unique, so keep a curious mind, trust science, stay away from fear-mongering and ask for samples whenever possible. Also, feel free to share your experiences with the products mentioned in the comments, so that other viewers can learn more. Sharing knowledge and experiences empowers us as consumers.
I’m not a skincare, makeup or hair expert: I’m just a curious soul and a learner. All my posts/videos come from a consumer point of view.
What you see is what you get — blemishes, wrinkles and all #nofilter

All the opinions stated are my own, based on my personal experience with the products, and no amount of money or freebies will ever change that.
The products were purchased with my hard-earned money.
If sometime in the future the latter changes, the first one will NEVER change, and I would only collaborate with brands that gracefully accept that.
I will always be straight-forward with you about any collaborations, affiliate links or promo codes and similar shenanigans, if they happen to occur.

I have a job outside of YouTube, and I do this for YOU.


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