AK2 Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow Cellulite Reduction FULL CLASS Exercise Weight Loss Workout Flexibility

Natural Rubber Mat
Light Gaiam Yoga Mat
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This is a yoga inspired dynamic exercise for cellulite reduction. Great to flush toxins and detox the system. Includes dynamic moves and twisting poses. Plank. Plough pose – a great inversion for improving circulation and reducing stress. HALASANA. CHATURANGA. Lemon water is a great tip for better skin tone. Bitter foods.
Flowing with the breath. Movement is life! Keep moving.
Flexibility work. Forward Bending.
The whole sequence can be repeated 2 or 3 times.
Warrior one, warrior two, high lunge, switch jump lunge, side lunge, side squat, side angle, side plank. Breath work through the entire practice.


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