Secret Ingredient To Grow The Worlds Longest,Thicker Hair Fast And Naturally | HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT

Secret Ingredient To Grow The Worlds Longest Thicker Hair Fast And Naturally | HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT.

In this video,I Will Show You How To Grow Your Hair Faster & Longer & thicker naturally In 1 Week. This hair growth treatment will not only treat hair loss, but will leave your hair smooth and shiny.

– Peel, chop and blend an onion.
– Put the blended pulp into a strainer.
– Using a spoon, press the pulp to extract the juice.
– Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey to the onion juice.
– Optionally, add a few drops of an essential oil, such as lavender oil.
Honey has many cleansing properties and helps to moisturize.Castor oil is suitable for moisturizing hair, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. It provides nourishment, enabling the hair follicles to restore growth to a normal level. Onions have a high amount of sulfur. Because sulfur helps with your blood circulation, it can also help your hair grow and repair enables hair regrowth giving you long hair and also prevent hair loss.

– Massage your bald patches or your entire scalp with this mixture.
– Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on overnight, or at least for 30 minutes.
– Rinse your hair the next morning.
– Repeat daily for a few months, or until you are fully satisfied with the results.

– Instead of blending the onion, you can grate it, and then extract the juice.
– You can also add lemon juice or rose water to cover strong smell of the onion.

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