Summer Skin care routine , Hydrotheraphy , Rice Infused water & Tips for both Men & Women

My Summer Skin care routine (For Both Men and Women)

Natural Cleanser
Wash and cleanse the face using gentle massage with oatmeal powder mixed with water


It will remove excess Oil , dead cells & dirt .It treats dry skin .
It has got lot of Anti oxidant and Anti Inflammatory Properties.
Suitable for all skin types .
If using as face pack , advisable to do once in a week.

Ice cube Toner

Rub your face and massage using Aloe Vera gel ice cube .


It will tighten the pores . It will keep the skin youthful .It will reduce the sign of aging .It is a good moisturizer .

Summer face pack

Apply the mixture of Multani Matti mixed with water and rose water.


It gives cooling effect to the face , Avoid tanning , reduce pigmentation .It will be good solution to all skin problems like acne , pimples etc. .It even your skin tone making your skin look lighter tone and brighter
Do not use the pack regularly .Dry skin can use twice a week and Oily skin can use thrice a week

(An Amazing way to Beat the Heat)

Hydrotherapy :

Take a half bucket of water, Add 10 ice cubes, one Tsp of rose water, and dip your feet for 10 to 15 mins.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Your body will cool instantly
It will reduce the inflammation in your body
It will stimulate the blood flow and remove toxins
It will also reduce heat in your body
Advisable to do this before going to bed

Rice infused Water:

In a mud pot or any glass wear, add 10 grams of rice with 60 ml of water and let this sit for 6 hours and leave it for Overnight .Filter the rice water and drink this on empty stomach and have breakfast after 40min (preferably use unpolished rice)


It will clear mouth ulcer problem , control gum bleeding and infections , control hair fall , control grey hair , it will clear acne , blemishes , control urinary infection , control acidity problem and it is a instant cooler .

Tip 1:

Drink water before brushing as the morning saliva needs to go in which will help in clearing the digestive tract bringing out glowing skin.

Tip 2: Refreshing face spray

Mix 2 Tsp of Aloe vera, 2 Tsp of Rose water, and 2 Tsp of water and put this in a spray bottle and keep this in the refrigerator, use whenever needed

Tip 3:

Use sunscreens that are 50+ SPF for both men and women, you should never step out of your house without this. And apply curd or soaked tamarind pulp to your face and let it sit on for 15 mins and then wash it off once you return back home , this will help with removing tan

Tip 4 :

You can make ice cube toner replacing Aloe Vera with Potato, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green tea etc. and use it accordingly.

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