Podcast 268: The secret ingredient to better mental health + how kindness changes your brain

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk about the neuroscience of kindness, the impact kindness has on our mind, brain and body and how to use mind management to be more kind to improve your mental AND physical health!

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4:00 Why kindness is essential in my life and business
4:23 Kindness and compassion are superhuman tools that can change our brain and biology for the better!
5:47 Why we need to be kind to others AND ourselves!
8:20 Why you need to train yourself to be more kind
9:00 The negative effects of being unkind
9:11 How kindness teaches us to be a responder, not a reactor
10:10 What kindness is and what it is not
15:15 How kindness impacts the mind and brain
21:00 Why our brains and bodies love it when we are kind!
22:00 The incredible science behind kindness
23:40 How being unkind can lead to “stuck” thinking
29:30 How to manage your mind to train yourself to be more kind
40:11 Tips on how to be more kind to yourself and others

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