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Hey Shug! Ugh…Those stubborn, dark marks? They never seem to go away! That stops now, we are going to break down dark marks and correct the things that are keeping that post inflammatory hyperpigmentation intact. We want Krispy Kreme glazed donut real ness !

Today I am going to reveal some of my favorite skin care tips and tricks that you can incorporate into routine at home now. We will talk about how to get rid of dark marks and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Before it is all said and done I will having all of you using sunscreen daily!

If you are still stuck at home and might be getting experimental with your skin, WAIT! Please refer to this guide of Skin Care No – No’s! So you can keep your beautiful skin barrier in tact!

Products used:
-Glycolic + Retinol Pads Skinscript

Check back tonight for all details ! I’m at at work cuties!


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