How To Stop Concealer Creasing into Wrinkles | JOJOBA OIL | BEST UNDER EYE CONCEALER

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How To Stop Concealer Creasing Into Wrinkles | jojoba oil | Best Under Eye Concealer:

Today I’m really excited to share with you how to disguise those wrinkles under the eye and besides the eye once you apply your makeup. Sometimes when we apply makeup, especially when we have those circles under the eyes, you go and apply foundation and concealer under the eye, and then we look in the mirror 2 minutes later and we find that makeup has creased and gone into all the fine lines,You are going to learn the best under eye concealer secret.

All you’re gonna do is take your jojoba oil, and you can decant it into a smaller pot you can carry with you, and I swear this is the best solution for making those lines disappear in an instant and is the best under eye concealer.

Ok, you’re gonna get your ring finger, this finger has the lightest touch in your face, so is perfect for applying anything under the eye, because it isn’t pulled and touch so much.

Spill a bit under your finger, not too much, then you simply – I’m gonna go closer so you can see- gotta pack all into the lines, and you’ll see that where it starts not only does it revive the concealer underneath your eyes making it look fresh again, but you’ll see how it disappears those lines, what it’s doing is mounting that concealer or that foundation into the skin and into the lines.

Jojoba Oil It’s not actually an oil, it’s actually made up of a very tiny wax molecules, which it makes it perfect for under the eye, because not only it’s not really an oil which it makes it less oily to the skin- also means your skin soaks it up better, which is great under the eyes to make an application, plus it has a high percentage of vitamin E, and vitamin E is really good for your skin

Now the great thing with jojoba oil is that if you don’t wear makeup upon your eyes it is also really good as a treatment under your eyes before you go to bed at night.

Here’s why you must use Jojoba oil and not another oil as a substitute for this tip to work: Over 97% of jojoba is composed of an array of liquid wax esters (unlike any other natural oil), Wax esters are used primarily for moisture control, protection and for their emollient properties which is why this works so great over the top of makeup!

There are many other uses once you have it:
Jojoba oil for face
Jojoba oil for acne,
Jojoba oil for hair

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The only problem I have with so many great concealers is that they crease under the eye and make fine lines and wrinkles around the eye look so much worse than they actually are…which in turn makes the under eye concealer cakey as well as making our lines and wrinkles look a whole lot worse. In this video I’m going to show you how to stop concealer going into lines and wrinkles.

I discovered this technique to stop under eye creasing quite by chance! I hope you’ll be as happy as me when you discover this beauty tip to erase under eye wrinkles when you wear concealer!

This easy beauty tip works perfectly with every liquid or cream concealer out there!

This tip is great for makeup for mature women as well as younger women suffering from cakey concealer.

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