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Hi, I’m Ashleigh Gass, strength and conditioning specialist with So, just how do you do reduce cellulite in the butt? List of materials, good exercise habits, great eating habits. Well, it’s no different than reducing body fat, I’m going to call it body fat because that’s what it is, anywhere else. Women might accrue it a bit more than men, just possibly some hormonal influence. But, it really comes down to improving your diet, eating properly, and strength training, okay. Improving your diet includes means cutting all the packaged processed foods, eliminating and reducing caffeine beverages like Red Bulls. caffeine, all you juices, fruity juices that you don’t make yourself. Get those out of your diet, drink water instead. And increase your intake of vegetables, healthy proteins, healthy fats. So, nutritionally, that’ll take care of it. For a very complete guide on nutritions and how to take yourself from A to Zed, in a very intelligent safe manner, go to and pick a copy of precision nutrition and it’ll help you out with everything you need to know. And then second of all, you’ve got to start weight training. Emphasize movements like lunges, squats, dead lifts, single leg squats, all of the good lower body training movements that will help build muscle tone, lower body. And you’ve got to replace what’s there, body fat with muscle tone, bottom line. So, again decreasing body fat or cellulite in your butt comes down to better nutritional habits, very good training habits, repeated for a long period of time. And give yourself six months to a year, you’ll be, you’ll have a new body. Hopefully, that helps. Thanks, I’m Ashleigh Gass with


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