how to use coconut milk In summer Hair care. മുടിസംരക്ഷണത്തിന് തേങ്ങാപാലും വെള്ളവും.

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Today i am going to share an amazing hair care ingredient coconut milk with coconut water in summer

Coconut milk is an irreplaceable ingredient in summer hair care.

We used coconut milk and coconut water.

Its support prevent dryness scalp and hair (its rich in folic acid, vitamin E)

Support hair strong, thick, smooth and shiny )

Prevent dryness
Prevent split ends in hair
Prevent hair breakage bottom of hair
Prevent hair loss
Support healthy hair growth internally and externally
Strengthen hair roots naturally
Reduce dandruff and other scalp related infection

You can intake one spoon coconut milk daily get food benefit.

So make the pack

Use half portion of coconut and its full water then blend then filter with a neat towel then apply entire scalp and hair

Wash with normal not use shampoo or hair wash items.

Use weekly once or 6th day of 6 day routine

Its get amazing result because its pure natural and amazing ingredient from nature.
Thank you.


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