Easy and Effective Skincare Routine For a Healthy Glowing Skin Naturally | Magical Water For Skin

Here is an easy and very effective skincare routine that helps you in getting clear, spotless brighter skin naturally.
It includes simple 4 steps

First Step: Drink Warm Water
Drink warm water as you get up early in the morning, it helps you in flushing out harmful toxins out of the body and purifies the blood. This is the first and necessary step for a clear, brighter skin

Second Step: Eat a Citrus Fruit Daily
In order to have healthy, elastic, and brighter skin, you need to have A sufficient vitamin C intake. so make sure you eat a citrus fruit daily like oranges or papaya

Third Step: Walk for 15 min
This is a necessary physical activity that has a positive impact not only on your health but on your skin quality too., so walk for 15 min daily.

Fourth Step: DIY Magical Water
To make this magical water you need to make a mix of 1 / 2 Cups of rice water + 3 tsp rose water + 2 tsp aloe vera gel, mix well, and store…
This is a natural skincare routine that you can follow for a week and surely you will get awesome flawless skin.


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