Hair care time table for 6 days continue this every week. നിങ്ങൾക്കായി എന്റെ 6 ദിവസത്തെ ടൈം ടേബിൾ

Dear friends today I am saying about my 24 days routine remember after 24 days repeated the same routine …..

Malayalam people’s please watch full video I am saying clearly…..

Other language friends please watch it but read discription

First week :
Monday: Prepare hair (prepare means hair must very well comb neat and clean then aplay small amount oil rub the oil with two palms and aplay in scalp and hair ) then aplay ONION juice with your finger tips (you can use both onion it’s your choice)

Tuesday : same routine wait 15 min wash with pure water

Wednesday: same routine wait 15 min wash pure plane water

Thursday: Prepare hair ….use any hair pack (fenugreek paste) or (fenugreek with coconut milk)or hibiscus pack wait 15 min wash with pure plane water

Friday:Use more amount hair oil (NEELIBRINGADHI KERATHAILAM by KOTTAKKAL aryavaidhyashala )in hair and scalp wait 15 min and wash with shampoo name (ROOTS)

Saturday : just prepare hair very well then use small amount oil scalp and hair wash it with pure plane water (yesterday we use shampoo so hair and scalp may be dry so clear the dryness smooth hair and scalp )

Sunday, MONDAY TUESDAY :prepare hair first and start fenugreek water using then wait 15 min wash it with pure water
Wednesday : use any of my hair pack
Thursday : use more oil wash with shampoo
Friday: use small amount oil scalp and hair
Remember one thing if you have dandruf problem do not use fenugreek paste and fenugreek with coconut paste clear dandruf use this packs

Saturday , Sunday,Monday: use boiled neem water
Tuesday : hair pack
Wednesday: more oil wash with shampoo
Thursday : use small amount oil scalp and hair

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: use Tulsi extract
Monday : hair pack
Tuesday :more hair oil and wash with shampoo
Wednesday: use small amount oil scalp and hair wash with pure water

Next day restart onion juice and do the routine…..

Hair preparation is a main thing this all routine….
This is my hair preparation video link Below

Daily use small amount oil before aplay anything in your hair

Use shampoo only one day in a 6 day cycle …

Every cycle first 3 days use same ingredient the ingredient change only next cycle ….

My hair care cycle 6 days

So watch it friends do it … you can protect hair very well …..Care it ….love it …..we can grow our hair thick and long

I don’t know to speak Hindi, English, tamil if my husband free I will make tamil, English videos so wait he is not free now

Read discription and do it ….

I am doing hair preparation in before videos and my all hair tips video please watch it aplay it

Thank you very much for supporting me
Love you all….


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