How to Wash Hair | How to Shampoo | Healthy Hair Routine

Learn how to apply shampoo and make the most of your conditioner. Here you’ll find out how to wash your hair the right way and create a healthy hair routine.

Follow our hair tutorial as we go back to basics to find out how to shampoo and condition hair properly.

How to wash hair: Step-by-step
Step 1. Wet hair from root to tip until fully covered
Step 2. Add shampoo to fingertips and apply to wet hair
Step 3. Gently massage hair, focusing your attention on the roots
Step 4. Rinse hair
Step 5. Gently twist hair to remove excess water
Step 6. Apply conditioner to the ends of hair
Step 7. Rinse with cool water
Step 8. Remove excess water and pat dry hair with a towel

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