4 Best Skin Care Routine Tips for Men | By Dr Sujit Shanshanwal | Man Matters

4 Best Skin Care Routine Tips for Men
By Dr Sujit Shanshanwal

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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Does eating junk food increase pimples?
1:00 – Should I use hot water when I shower?
1:34 – Should you apply moisturizer if you have oily skin?
2:13 – Does frequently washing your face make it less oily?

Contrary to what you think, men’s skin care is not challenging. You just need the right skin care tips. Lack of a good men’s skin care routine causes acne, dry skin, pimples, and dark spots. If you keep searching the internet for Indian skin care routines, pimple solutions, acne removal, and blemishes treatments – this video is for you. And what’s more? We have Dr. Sujit Shanshanwal a skin expert on board! Here are no-nonsense men’s grooming tips for acne treatment at home, whether to use moisturizer and the right skin care routine! Watch till the end to never have a bad skin day in your life!

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