Cellulite, let’s talk about it

Yes it’s natural for females to have more fat storage around the butt and thighs and reproductive area but there is a healthy limit! If these fat stores are causing you pain and discomfort or restricting your movement throughout the day then it’s a sign you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

Before a fruit-based diet I would carry a lot of extra fat and fluid on my thighs and as a result suffered from painful blistering. I would use bandaids but nothing helped that much. It was honestly upsetting. My body was simply not meant to be carrying so much in between and once I changed my diet to @thefrugivorediet and @therawtill4diet 40lbs of excess fat and fluid melted. 🥳🥳

So rather than suffer forever I suggest you jump on this lifestyle and stick with it! The results will come in time and you will feel so free when you are moving about.

I am the creator of 2 fruit-based vegan diets. The #rawtill4 diet and @thefrugivorediet and the author of 3 books. If you are genuinely interested in trying a fruit-based diet then comment “ebook” ON INSTAGRAM and I will send you some info 🍌🍌🍌

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