STOP Hair Fall & Thinning Permanently with This ULTIMATE Hair Care Routine

Hair fall and hair thinning are very common problems for men and this video will give you the 8 steps you can follow to form a haircare routine that can help you stop hair fall and hair thinning permanently and delay the process.

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Intro (0:00 – 1:00)
Step 1: Dont over wash your hair (1:01)
Step 2: Dry your hair gently (1:16)
Step 3: Choose the right haircut for your hair type (1:23)
Step 4: Right set of tools and products for your hair (1:46)
Step 5: Dont use excessive hair products (2:40)
Step 6: Right timing for a haircut (3:25)
Step 7: Avoid tight hats / baseball caps (3:56)
Step 8: Eat right (4:10)
Bonus tip: (4:30)

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