RICE WATER FOR EXTREME HAIR GROWTH | How To Make Rice Water Hair Growth Rinse

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Hey guys! Today I’m showing you everything you need to know about rice water. If you watch hair growth videos, then I’m sure you’ve heard of how rice water is supposed to have amazing benefits for hair growth. There’s a lot of mixed information within the hair growth community of how to make and use rice water, so I wanted to make this video to give you a detailed explanation of the best way to do it.

My background with rice water:
So about a year ago, I tried a 30 day rice water rinse. Yes, I rinsed my hair with rice water for 30 days straight. I actually then made a video here on my channel about how rice water didn’t work for me. Using it everyday made my hair really dry and brittle. But, a year later, I decided to research it more, as I had basically heard nothing but good things about it since my bad experience. I found that I was using rice water way too often. Rice water, especially fermented rice water, is strong. Although everyone’s hair is different, generally, you shouldn’t be using it everyday. After trial and error, I realized that rinsing my hair with rice water for hair growth every 2-3 weeks works best for my hair. Also, I realized that although you should be washing your hair beforehand, shampooing before a rice water rinse is often too intense. Whenever I shampoo before using rice water, my hair is left really dry. So, instead, I found that using a co-wash, then a conditioner, and then rice water is the best way to integrate a rice water rinse into your hair care routine. I really hope my story will help you in figuring out the best way to integrate this amazing hair rinse into your hair care routine!

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