Best & Worst Viral Hair Tools & Products from Every Decade

It’s time for more reacts videos! This time we’re looking at the most viral and trending hair and beauty tools from the last 50 years! We’re looking at those classic As Seen on TV viral products from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s… and even the trending TikTok tools that we see everyone using and that’s all over your trends pages. Some people think that all of these trends are all brand new because you saw it on the TikTok, now you’ll see that we have had these tools for like 40 years now. What’s your favorite viral hair tool from the last 50 years? Or what hair tool did you buy and were like OMG this is majorrrrr? Let me know in the comments. Okay now let’s dive into the most overrated and underrated As Seen on TV beauty and hair products!

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Want to know the biggest hair trend of like the last 2 years? Like the one I love the best and actually works the bestest? It’s definitely this one:

In this video we’re looking at the best and worst as seen on tv and trending or viral beauty and hair products through the years. Everything from crimpers to hair art to hairspray to 80s and 90s and Y2K beauty and hair trends and products. We’re looking at which ones are overrated and which ones are underrated.

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