Winter Hair Care Routine | Indian Hair Care | Collab with Makeup Love By Rishita | Nidhi Katiyar

Here I am with My #WinterHairCare #Routine and trust me guys, it does makes my hair manageable in this dry and windy weather.

Here’s what I do –
1. DeTangle Hair
Always make sure you detangle your hair with a wide comb. Also detangle your hair everytime you oil/wash your hair, that ways you will end up loosing lesser hair as if we do it later when the roots are soft we will pluk our hair from the roots and thus resulting in hair fall.

2. Oiling Hair
I use #Mustard Oil to oil my hair. Sometimes I even Warm my oil before applying in my hair.
Here’s how I oil my hair -(#HeavyHairOilingRoutine)

I also make sure to give myself a good head massage so as to improve the blood circulation, this will open up my roots and take in all the moisture and become healthy.
I keep the oil in my hair for 30 mins to 1 hour and then wash it off.
you can also keep it for overnight. but not longer than that.

Once I am done with that, I like to give my hair steam, this will open up the hair roots and hair follicles and thus help them to absorb all the goodness of the oil that I have applied.
I do it by wrapping a warm towel (towel dipped in warm water) on my head and leave it until its cold.
you can also use a steamer. they are very affordable and good.
you can buy one here-


3. Cleansing & Conditioning –
Donot Use HOT WATER to Wash your Hair, It will
Damage you hair and hair Follicles.
I use Head & Shoulders silky and smooth #Shampoo and #Conditioner on regular Basis.
Currently i Swap it occasionally with Vantiv moisturizing Shampoo
you can buy it here –

Also For Washing My hair I like to Mix my shampoo with Water and a big spoon full or #AppleCiderVinegar that ways its even more effective in washing hair and becomes a moisturizing shampoo.

Also Just Before Washing My hair, I spray a mixture of
50% Apple Cider Vinegar
50% Amla/Indian Goosberry Juice
on my roots
this misture is very very smelly, so you would not want to keep it for long 🙂

4. Post Hair Wash
Once I have washed my Hair I like to dry them by using a T-Shirt. This ways I would get Frizz or Static in my hair.

5. Hair Serum
For My Hair Serum I use Organix Argan Oil of Morroco on my wet hair. This is awesome. Though it is a bit expensive but totally worth it.
Here’s a review on the same –

you can buy this here-

6. Air/Blow Dry + Styling tools
I usually just let my hair air dry. but if its very cold and I want My hair to Dry quickly, I use The Philips hair Dryer.

I got Mine from Nykaa. I also Use the hair straighner that it came with to straighten my hair
I got Mine at a discounted price of 1400 INR
but its actual price is 2695 INR
you can buy one from here –

7. Hair Masks & Heena
Once in a While(Every 15-20 days to be more precise) I like to apply sone hair mask to give my hair extra attention.
I like to go for Oil Hair Mask –

Aloevera Gel Hair Mask-

Egg Hair MAsk –

You can Also Use Heena every 30 to 40 days.
it is an amzing contioner, covers grey hair and makes your hair strong.

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