Plastic Surgeon Reacts to ChatGPT Anti Aging Skincare Routine

Dr. Karam is constantly explaining and sharing about how important it is to have an anti-aging skincare routine that nourishes and protects the skin. Today, he decided to ask ChatGPT to create an optimal anti-aging skincare routine, and to his pleasure, ChatGPT generated excellent recommendations! In general, an anti-aging skincare routine that includes all the ingredients we need will have about 10 steps. ChatGPT generated 10 different ingredients to include in an optimal skincare regimen, all 10 of them being accessible and within the scope of ingredients that Dr. Karam recommends! The issue, though, is that most of us will not stay consistent with a 10-step process that we have to perform both morning and night. That is why Dr. Karam created the KaramMD Skin Trifecta! In just 3 steps, the KaramMD Skin Trifecta gives you all the active ingredients necessary to nourish your skin and keep your skin looking healthy, hydrated and youthful!

– The RIGHT way to use Vitamin C (and mistakes to avoid!) –
– Is Martha Stewart’s skincare routine an anti-aging miracle? –
– How to use Retinol the RIGHT way for anti aging –
– Ditch These 5 Time-Consuming & Costly Skincare Habits NOW –

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00:00 Can ChatGPT Design a Skincare Routine
00:55 AI-Generated Morning Skincare Routine
07:44 AI-Generated Evening Skincare Routine
10:08 AI-Generated Recommended Skincare Ingredients
13:20 AI Skincare Routine Versus KaramMD Skin

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