the ULTIMATE “THAT-GIRL” self-care routine 🤍 skincare, shower, & pamper routines + mindful rituals

let’s go self care & hygiene shopping together! in this video i’ll share with you my hygiene, shower, beauty, and self care routines that have been working for me best. i included all the products i used, my glow up tips, & ‘that girl’ book recommendations! so make sure to watch & comment the secret emoji! taking care of myself to prepare for the new year🛍️🫧🏋️‍♀️

the ULTIMATE “THAT-GIRL” self-care routine 🤍 skincare, shower, & pamper routines + mindful rituals

0:00-1:54: self care shopping
1:54-3:40: product haul:)
3:40-4:21: shower and hygiene routine
4:21-5:34: skincare & products
5:34-6:30: cleaning my room
6:30-10:01: relaxing night routine rituals, yoga, meditation, that girl book recommendations, & gratitude journaling

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