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In today’s video, I reveal some one of the secrets behind my haircare: Forte Styling Cream. Finding a good hair care product that doesn’t break the bank and washes out at the end of the night is surprisingly difficult. After much search, I discovered Forte and have never looked back.

There are several characteristics that I think are ESSENTIAL to a good hair care product:
1/ That it doesn’t break the bank!
2/ It is available in a variety of textures – everyone’s hair is different!
3/ It washes out without the aid of shampoo!

The importance of this last point cannot be overstated! Washing your hair with shampoo every day is as bad as dry cleaning your suit every time you wear it. It dries out your scalp and prevents your hair’s natural oils from building up. If your hair care product cannot be rinsed out with only water, then you end up creating a whole host of other problems by having to shampoo daily.

The Forte Hair Care Products, specifically the Styling Cream, is 100% water soluble. This means that at the end of the day, it simply rinses out with water. No shampoo required!

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