Waterboarding my secrets out of me. | Talk Nasty to Me – Ep 13

Nicole and Jake take a visit to Gianna’s kittenmilk hair studio where Nicole gets waterboarded, Jake becomes Ken again, Nicole loses her eyebrows, and they discuss spiritual and religious psychosis, phantom limb syndrome, and the worst thing that’s happened to Gi with a client.

0:00 Intro
0:22 No Bathtub/Brow Job
5:28 Haircut ASMR
11:55 Nicole’s Phantom Umbilical Cord
17:12 3 War Veterans, 1 Haircut
25:11 Jake’s Query
34:04 Waterboarding Friends
39:34 Bleached Part 2
53:35 Going Bald :/
56:20 Final Th0ts & Polish Word!

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